Bricks and Sand

Premixes, Cement, Sand, Stone, Reinforcement, Bricks and Blocks, Glass Bricks.


Posts, Wire,  Accessories, Droppers, Stays


Steel Windows, Steel Door Frames, Steel Garage Doors, Steel Combination Doors, Aluminium Sliding Doors, Aluminium Windows, Aluminium Door Frames, Wooden Internal Door, Wooden Entrance Door, Wooden Door Frames.


Softboard, Masonite, Shutter Boards, Plywood, Chipboard


Insulation, DPC, Ceiling Products, Rhinolite Jointers, Roof Sheeting Accessories, Polycarb Sheeting, IBR, Corrugated Iron

Rain water goods

Flat Sheets, Flashing, Ridging, Outlets, Shoes, Offsets, Downpipe, Corners, Gutters, Stopends


Reinforcing RD + Y Bars


Garden, Concrete, PVC.

Cement Products

Building Columns, Nutec Boards, Barge Boards, Fascia Boards, Wash Trough, Concrete Accessories, Gulleys, Lintels


Building Trestles.

Manhole Covers

Cast Iron, PVC.

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    We specialise in all hardware from building materials, paint, plumbing and electrical. We also stock a wide range of sanitary ware.

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